Any matters involving divorce, child support and/or child custody can be extremely emotional and difficult to deal with. In fact, anything that involves family is important. This is why our clients choose our firm when facing these challenges.

Divorces can be a very stressful matter and many times much is at stake. A divorce attorney can help you understand Florida divorce laws, draft your legal paperwork, provide you legal advice, and help you protect your legal interests.

Our firm handles uncontested and contested dissolution of marriage. An uncontested dissolution of marriage occurs when you or your spouse agree on all the issues concerning your divorce. The uncontested divorce process usually takes less time to complete and is less expensive since you and your spouse have already agreed to all the terms. If you are in the process of obtaining a divorce, it is important to seek the assistance of a qualified attorney.

Florida family law is remarkable in terms of the edicts codified in it and our attorneys have ample experience and knowledge in dealing with matters that breach of provisions enshrined in the law.

Our Area of Expertise in Florida’s Family Law

  • Divorce
  • Child custody
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Postnuptial agreements
  • Paternity
  • Child Support and Alimony
  • Visitation and Timesharing
  • Property division
  • Domestic violence and abuse
  • Kidnapping
  • Modifications

Our clients know that we care about them and we always do the best for them. We are here to answer your questions and help you during this stressful time in your life.

At The Law Professionals, we provide intelligent, cost-effective divorce counsel to clients throughout the Miami & Broward area. We offer smart solutions to spare our clients the time, expense and worry that accompany family law struggles.

You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice- Bob Marley

Contact us today online to arrange a free initial consultation with an experienced South Florida family law and divorce attorney.

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