As trial attorneys, our firm has the experience to take your accident case to trial if you are not offered a favorable settlement.   Our firm will help you with your claim, whether large or small.

Commercial Litigation and Contract Disputes

Our firm has represented a number of companies and individuals in commercial litigation and contract disputes.  As small business owners ourselves, our firm understands that the problems of small companies and individuals are just as important to us as are large companies’ problems.   We represent companies and individuals in contract disputes and other litigation, and can do so at extremely competitive rates.

Employment Claims

We can help you recover unpaid wages from a current or former employer, file a lawsuit against a former employer if you were fired from your job for an illegal reason (such as racial discrimination), or assist you in obtaining Worker’s Compensation benefits if you were injured on the job.


There are many ways to perpetrate a fraud, and many ways that one’s actions, while not fraudulent, can be characterized as such.  Our firm can represent you in prosecuting or defending a variety of fraud claims in court.

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